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Top Rated Sex Stories - Last 30 Days. The Creators: Chapters 1-3 by White Walls «The gods have returned to a mythical land, and they are all horny teenagers. Listing of sex story categories and item tags. Free Sex Stories Collection. "Jenny (or Jennie) And The Wild Boar" - Jennie, Olivia and Margaret - (Friends: Interspecies Researchers As Breeders Of Wild Animals). This is a collection of extreme stories from the Kristen Directories. As it is in real life; extreme situations rarely turn out well in the end. How serial killer who decapitated his mum and had sex with her head helped FBI 'mindhunters' understand murderers. Ed Kemper, who features in David Fincher's new. Serial Stories and ebooks updated in the last 2 days - Page 1. Offending patterns for serial sex offenders identified via the DNA testing of previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits. British girl banged after the party on the back seat. Ad. 6:50 95% Storiesonline has Tens of thousands of FREE stories, sex stories and ebooks. Come in, Read and Enjoy! Donald Trump is the most popular ‘safe word’ phrase that bondage fans use when they want to call a halt to sex, according to a new survey.